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Monadnock Developmental Services is your gateway to an array of services that can transform life for people with developmental disabilities.

First Steps

Your first step when seeking services is to go through Intake at MDS to help determine eligibility for your family member. The DHHS website has detailed information on eligibility requirements. Eligibility is prescribed by state (BDS) and federal (CMS) regulations. 

To find out about eligibility:

To find out about eligibility, call 603-352-1304 or email the MDS Intake Coordinator who can inform you and lead you through the eligibility process, and then also help in setting up services once eligibility is determined.

Service Categories

Service Coordination

Early Supports and Services

In-Home Support (IHS)

MDS Birth - Three

Rise for Baby and Family

Environmental Modifications

Respite Services

Service Coordination

In-Home Support (IHS)

Project SEARCH Employment Training

Transition Services

Environmental Modifications

Respite Services

Service Coordination

Participant/Family Directed Services (PDMS)

Residential Services

Community Support Services

Community Participation Support

Supported Employment

Project SEARCH Employment Training

Environmental Modifications

Respite Services

Respite Services

The respite program at MDS allows family caregivers a much needed break, while giving the individual receiving respite care a chance to spend time in the community and enjoy personal interests with a trusted provider. The majority of individuals who receive respite funding have it covered through Medicaid. For those who do not qualify for Medicaid, MDS has additional limited funds available through a variety of grants such as Cheshire County grant and private donations.

How to use the respite allocation

Those receiving a respite allocation have a number of options, including:

Family Reimbursed Respite

The family pays out of pocket to cover respite hours, then submits a reimbursement form to receive their payment. They can choose whom they would like for a provider.

Respite Provider Hired Through MDS

The provider applies for the position through MDS. They would have an initial meeting with the family to see if it is a good fit. The family will not need to pay out of pocket; staff complete a timesheet, have the family sign off on it, and submit to MDS.

For more information on Respite Services:


Talk to your Service Coordinator.

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