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How You Can Help

Get Involved:

Monadnock Developmental Services provides services to children and adults with developmental and other disabilities – 700 families and over 1,000 individuals and their families in the Monadnock region – so that they can live and work in their communities.

You can make a significant difference in someone’s life – right here, right now.

The Family Council

The Family Council is an advisory group to the Area Agency, made up of parents and family members of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Learn more here.  

Individuals in the Workplace

Are you a local business owner? A valuable way you can show your support is by employing our region’s individuals who have developmental disabilities. Learn more about Supported Employment here


Advocacy and Legislative Updates - Check back frequently!

There are several types of advocacy in which members of the MDS community can participate. Self-Advocacy is people speaking up for themselves and their interests. The MDS Self-Advocacy Group meets regularly to learn about and actively participate in self-advocacy. Individual Advocacy involves supporting people to exercise their rights by providing assistance to voice concerns, access information, resolve issues or to identify available support options. Legislative Advocacy is about changing policies, laws or rules that impact how people live their lives. MDS encourages and assists our community to participate in all levels of advocacy.

Advocacy is an effective way for community voices to be heard in our towns, and in Concord and Washington. Whether writing a letter to your legislator, attending or speaking at a hearing, or having informed conversations with your neighbors and colleagues, advocating for what you believe in is an important part of civic involvement.

Please note: Monadnock Developmental Services, as the Region V Area Agency, is non-partisan, and does not support or endorse any political party or legislator.


The Monadnock Developmental Services Run~Walk~Smile 5K is coming!
This annual race event raises awareness and funds for dental care
for adults with developmental disabilities,
and everyone is invited to take part.
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