Clipboard Spring 2022Here are highlights from Spring 2022 edition of Clipboard, the newsletter of the MDS community! Click here for the full pdf of this online newsletter.

BDS Systems Work Impacts You—Stay Informed!
You may have noticed an uptick in our communications regarding “BDS Systems Work.” Several areas are being reviewed and redesigned by the NH Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS), including waivers, rates, direct billing and conflict-free case management. Find out more in Clipboard and online.

Catch up on People in the MDS Community.
New hires join the team, and several people are now in new positions at MDS. We also honor those who have left us in the past year.

These stories from our community will inspire you!
Charlotte turned 66 last year and reflects on being a survivor. Cindy shares a healthy recipe, part of her ongoing work to manage her diabetes. Brianna shares how she has used COVID pandemic time to prepare herself to live on her own, including some of the online tools she's used.

Connections - All About Us.
This self-advocacy group meets the third Monday of each month from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Come join one of their meetings and see what it's all about. Check the MDS Training page for details and Zoom information.

Busy Legislative Season Continues through June.
Things are looking good for the Adult Dental Care bill. However, there are other key bills before the Legislature that could affect our community, including adjustments to school enrollment transition age and protections of Special Education in NH.

These stories and more are in this edition of The Clipboard. Click here to access the Clipboard newsletter pdf online.

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