The MDS Strategic Planning committee put together

At its May 24, 2021 meeting, the MDS Board of Directors approved the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, put together by Strategic Planning Task Force that came together in late 2020. Below are highlights. A copy of the full Strategic Plan is available here.

In the coming years, MDS will build on its greatest strengths: a dedicated group of staff and provider agencies, relationship-centered service delivery, and financial stability. We will continue to provide high quality community-based, family-driven services in an environment with continually shifting elements.

This past year’s pandemic has brought to the forefront a number of opportunities as well as challenges for the organization. Our mission’s watchwords of inclusion, participation and mutual relationships were sorely tested during the pandemic as we tried to find new ways to keep people safe and still connected. We recognize the need to make smarter use of technology to become both internally and externally more effective. Workforce shortages and staff turnover, which are chronic issues, will require focused, deliberate attention, especially as many of our long-term staff approach retirement. Clear stakeholder communication – in service delivery, family support and staff development – will be a crucial part of our success.

External forces over which we have only limited control continue to affect what we do and how we operate. Federal and state regulations create personnel, paperwork and funding challenges, as do changing political climates. Workforce, housing and transportation shortages are broad concerns for everyone in our region; MDS can and should be at the table as these systemic issues are addressed.

Our efforts over the next five years will focus on supporting individuals to be as independent as possible, supporting families, building community relationships, fostering a healthy work environment, and shoring up our internal processes, all so that we can provide innovative, high-quality services for individuals with developmental disabilities. That is why we exist, and these efforts are how we will succeed.

The Strategic Planning committee gathered information via online survey from stakeholders about our current and future situation, and areas of strength and areas of opportunity for improvement. Based on analysis and discussion of the data, the group pinpointed five areas of overarching focus to guide MDS through the next five years. Strategic areas of focus are of parallel and equal importance, and will have goals that flow through to impact all of the focus areas.

A copy of the full Strategic Plan is available here.