Feb 2020 Update from Marylouise Alther, MDS Legislative Liaison:

Even though this isn’t a budget year, things are hopping in Concord. On February 4, I went to Concord to attend the public hearings for a few bills which concern us as an organization.

HB 1513: This bill would “require the Commissioner of Health and Human Services to study the conversion of the Medicaid program to block Grant funding…”
The House HHS subcommittee recommended that this bill not go forward. It was later voted “inexpedient to legislate” by 15-6, which means that the study for conversion wasn’t passed. This is positive news for MDS and other agencies who are funded by Medicaid.

HB 1411: To establish “a commission to study long-term supports and services in New Hampshire.”
The subcommittee met on February 4. After some discussion among the legislators, they voted to go forward with the study. As of now, I have no further information about the outcome of this bill.

As I receive more information about these and other bills pertinent to MDS, I will let everyone know. There will be more hearings on these bills which affect the DD community. I will attend many of them. Any one who is interested in accompanying me, please call me at 603-313-8693. I will take my car.

Other news of interest:
Kinship Navigator is a newly formed collaborative clearing house for resources available to grand families or other kin raising children. It is run through The River Center in Peterborough. These resources do not conflict with your MDS services. For information, contact Margaret Nelson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also available is a Resource Guide for NH Grand Families, which has a list of NH resources for families raising grandchildren, nieces, nephews and/or siblings. It’s worth a look. Click here to access that Resource Guide.