Name Position Phone
Bigaj, Jessica Next Steps NH Project Coordinator
Blain, Traci Adult Service Coordinator 924-4203 x415
Brisson, Priscilla Director of Human Resources 352-1304 x244
Britton, Scott ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x253
Callahan, Chris Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x210
Card, Garry IHS Coordinator 352-1304 x265
Carter, Carissa Certification Specialist 352-1304 x261
Casey, Susan Receptionist 924-4203 x400
Clark, Deb Transportation Coordinator 352-1304 x289
Coates, Mary Medicaid Biller 352-1304 x248
Dean, Cheryl Administrative Assistant, Nursing 352-1304 x273
Delaney, Alissa Children's Service Coordinator 352-1304 x272
Denoncour, Ellen Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x234
Devine, Jessica MCST & Search Job Developer 352-1304 x211
DuGray, Suzanne Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x291
Fields, Stephanie Partners in Health Program Coordinator 352-1304 x274
Fifield, Aggie SDS Coordinator 352-1304 x249
Fitzpatrick, Joel Director of Finance 352-1304 x262
Franco, Deb ISO Department Manager 352-1304 x238
Ganley, Nancy Executive Secretary 352-1304 x241
Greene, Alan Executive Director 352-1304 x242
Hathaway, Amy ESS Occupational Therapist, Teacher 352-0165 x353
Henning, Jed ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x254
Hoekstra, Lisa Nurse 352-1304 x219
Jack, Roxanne SDS Coordinator 352-1304 x252
Jobmann, Kate ESS Program Coordinator 352-0165 x351
Kenny, Robin Therapist 352-1304 x321
Lake, Anna Early Supports & Services Program Coordinator 352-1304 x267
Lambert, Melissa ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x297
Lavoy, Ryann Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x284
Lemire, Chris ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x293
Little, Nancy Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x281
Lowry, Tim Therapist 352-1304 x303
MacMurray, Andrea Special Education Teacher 352-0165 x354
Madore, Kris Adult Service Coordinator 924-4203 x405
Mahon, Sheila MCST & Search Project Director 352-1304 x262
Massucco, Joanna Receptionist 352-1304 x200
McNeill, Molly MCST Program Manager 352-1304 x268
Merchant, Shannon ISO Program Manager
Miner, Dale Intake Coordinator 352-1304 x260
Mohr, Wanda In Home Supports, Children's Service Coordinator 352-1304 x232
Morin, Lurleen Administrative Assistant 352-1304 x243
Mullen, Deb ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x258
Nash, Darlene Administrative Assistant, ISO 352-1304 x288
O'Brien, Tess SDS Account Manager 352-1304 x250
O'Connor, Jessica Gentle Teaching Specialist, Training Coordinator 352-1304 x247
O'Hora, Ryan Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x236
Orr, Mike Adult Service Coordinator 924-4203 x406
Ouellette, Jill Administrative Assistant 352-1304 x228
Parise, Tina Benefits Specialist 352-1304 x290
Patenaude, Shelly Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x257
Peck, Jason ESS Program Director 352-0165 x352
Pellerin, Joyce Accounts Payable Bookkeeper 352-1304 x230
Perez, Becky Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x296
Peterson, Karen Development, Fundraising Coordinator 352-1304 x224
Reason, Piper Benefits Specialist 352-1304 x256
Renauld, Caroline Speech & Language Therapist 352-0165 x355
Riley, Heather Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x227
Scalia, Alison Adult Service Coordination Supervisor 352-1304 x245
Schacht, Mari Quality Compliance Coordinator 352-1304 x212
Sickles, Katie Respite Coordinator 352-1304 x255
Slate, Mandi ESS Administrative Assistant 352-0165 x350
Smith, Paula SDS Supervisor 352-1304 x263
Stauder, Luke Children's Service Coordinator 352-1304 x286
Staudt, Beth Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x271
Stewart, Lisa Children's Service Coordinator 352-1304 x222
Sutherland, Chris Maintenance Manager 352-1304 x266
Sutherland, Kelly Payroll Specialist 352-1304 x220
Tracey, Edward Controller 352-1304 x251
Tremblay, David SEP Program Manager 352-1304 x298
Trider, Andrew Electronic Data Administrator 352-1304 x282
Velez, Will ISO Program Manager 924-4203 x412
Wilder, Charlie Information Technology Manager 352-1304 x226
Wisell, Mary-Anne Director of Operations 352-1304 x223
Yeiter, David Director of Continuous Quality Improvement 352-1304 x270
Yeiter, Lynn Children's Service Coordination Supervisor 352-1304 x239
Yerardi, Denise Children's Service Coordinator 924-4203 x403
Young, Chris ISO Program Manager 352-1304 x229
Zullo, Ruzzel Adult Service Coordinator 352-1304 x237